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Creative Equity Enterprises

   Financing the Old Fashion Way......  Works Every Time!   .....Even by Stopping Foreclosures...Uh. Huh!

       Let us show you how to Buy or Sell" Real Estate with the "Hidden Bank"



Creative Financing

Seller Financing, Lease with Option, Installment Sale, Sweat Equity Purchase, Land Trade, Barter, Wrap Around Notes, Balloon Mortgages, Equity Swaps.

There are many options available under the Creative Financing umbrella. Many years ago, the only way someone could afford to purchase real estate was to have the "Seller" finance the deal. The parties settled on a price and "shook hands" as they transferred the title with a promise to pay ( a "Note") plus interest over time.  Sounds like a bank loan, doesn’t it? My parents bought their first home that way in 1953.

With this Hidden Bank, the sellers/owners had the power to sell a house by creating a "private mortgage" for my parents based on the "intrinsic equity" of the property. A Private Mortgage was similar to any bank loan except that my parents paid our neighbors instead of a bank. My parents owned our home; our neighbors earned interest for 20 years. How long the debt exists is up to the two parties.

For example, you can structure a 30 year note or an 18.5 year note or a 23.2 year note. ( We can help)         You can demand a "balloon payoff" after several years or keep the note to term (30  or 18.5 or 23.2 years) and you will pocket the interest as Income. Compare 6- 12% interest to what you can get on CD's (3%) or in the Stock Market (less broker commissions) . And, this Investment in Debt is "secured" by touch it, stomp on it, camp on it,  real estate and ......the Law.  See Seller Examples

Buyer? You can suggest that the Seller take back a mortgage or rent to you own. Contact us, we'll guide you!