Creative Equity Enterprises

   Financing the Old Fashion Way......  Works Every Time!   .....Even by Stopping Foreclosures...Uh. Huh!

       Let us show you how to Buy or Sell" Real Estate with the "Hidden Bank"


Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, Contact Us.


What is Creative Financing?

Creative Financing involves selling or buying an asset, in this case real estate, for other than "all cash". The seller makes a good Return on Investment and the buyer avoids the hassle of bank financing.


Do I need Real Estate Agent?

Some realtors are savvy in Creative Financing, but most are not. We can train them, too.


Do I need an Attorney?

Real Estate Attorneys may be required in your State. But in most cases, it is your choice. If you decide to use an Attorney, both Seller and Buyer should use the same one and split the cost.


 How do you know the Owner will accept my Creative Offer?

Renting a house or buying a house? Ask the Owner or Landlord to sell it to you! Using Private Financing. We'll show you how.

Ask us and we will describe the process.....for free.

We can help you explain or understand the benefits of a "creatively financed" transaction.


How do we know this will work?

For years we have been involved in Creatively Financing the purchase and sale of real estate. During the past 30 years we have put together instructions and coaching materials about private mortgages, lease purchase sales and have advised clients to avoid banks and take advantage of the large investment returns  for the Seller and easier buying qualifications for the buyer.