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   Financing the Old Fashion Way......  Works Every Time!   .....Even by Stopping Foreclosures...Uh. Huh!

       Let us show you how to Buy or Sell" Real Estate with the "Hidden Bank"


Private Mortgage Notes     

Simply stated, private mortgages are similar to local bank loans to buy  real estate. The banker (Mortgagee) lends the cash and the Mortgagor (the Buyer) pay back the cash over time plus interest. You own your home and the bank’s depositors are happy to make interest on their money. Everybody Wins!

"Private Mortgage" Holders are like Bank's depositors.

Sellers can use the equity (Hidden Bank) like lending cash to sell the property to a potential buyer. The property owner uses a Promissory Note ( IOU)  by which the Buyer pays back the Seller on a periodic basis with interest, usually monthly just like bank loans. The Buyer does not receive cash but becomes a part owner in the house. That part increases with every monthly payment

And, the Seller receives monthly income to spend or save anyway you wish.Win! Win!

Investors in Private Loans

Privately financed loans are generally easier to construct than bank loans. The Mortgagee is usually an investor  or a group of investors who want more investment return on investment than they could get in the stock market or through CD's. These loans usually carry a higher rate of interest than bank loans, but banks have made mortgages very difficult to obtain except for those with perfect credit.

These investors also buy Private Mortgage Notes from Sellers who want cash.  We can coach you through the process.