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   Financing the Old Fashion Way......  Works Every Time!   .....Even by Stopping Foreclosures...Uh. Huh!

       Let us show you how to Buy or Sell" Real Estate with the "Hidden Bank"


Seller Examples

It Works Anywhere!  We’ve Done It

“We put together a creative deal bartering a deed for undeveloped lot as a down payment in North Carolina. The client needed some bank financing and their credit was excellent. The Bank refused because they wanted to see "cash" and not a deed for the lot. We helped close the deal by showing the Seller the benefits of accepting the "deed" as down payment  at closing and we found a Private Loan for the balance.”

“Two years ago our client advertised a home sale in New Jersey. He tried the conventional private listing service and the newspaper. His target was a couple or a family with a small down payment. The property is now rented with an Option to Purchase at a higher than average market price.”

“We helped a family sell their 82 year old mother’s home when she moved into a retirement residence. Her earnings over 4 years were  $133,000 over the "Listed Price" given by Realtor. The Family used the income and earnings to fund their mother's rent and living expenses. This was her personally funded retirement fund.”

We consulted with a couple who wanted to buy a ‘Bed and Breakfast’. The Buyer, with our guidance, convinced the owners to hold a "private mortgage" for $400,000. The owners retired to Cape Cod with a monthly income of $4,850 from this mortgage.  This works with any Real Estate based purchase.

Looking for property to build a home in New Jersey, a client bought building lots near a lake with private mortgages. When their plans changed, they sold the lots for cash and made more than 100% profit after paying off the mortgages.

A married couple bought a second home for vacation purposes by assuming a mortgage. But, their small business did not allow much time off. They rented the house with an option to purchase and then financed the property buyers with a private mortgage. Their profit was over 70%.       

                           "Anyone can do this!" Bob Sivori